March 31, 2007

New Beginnings

A few blogger friends have left blogger and moved to another form of blogging for their own reasons. In the ensuing move some could not be found in the link field because they closed blogger. Now that they have established themselves on a new site, the link field has been replaced with their new homes. In the process of this move I took the moment to try to explain about removing a specific site for reasons Icannot go into. It has nothing to do with those who have moved but from a prior time who I thought was a friend, but was only kind when the need arose, more like a wolf in sheeps clothing. I have forgiven and still love them in spite of the hurt that was caused, not to me, but mostly to Our Lord for their judgement. Peace be with you.

3 Words of Wisdom:

teresaanawim said...

thanks for adding my new site to your blogroll.
please continue to visit.
I was rather concerned when I dropped in and saw all the links gone and the comments disabled. But..thanks be to are up and running still, and I can still read and comment.
Let's continue to blog away, share our spiritual journies and support each other in the Kingdom of God!

forget me not said...

Thanks MC. Hugs to you.

Marie Cecile said...

((( hugs teresa and fmn )))

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