March 27, 2007

God's Will

Faith is a tremendous gift, one that should always be nourished. The other day I went to a store and when I came out to put the bag on the passengers seat, my radio turned on and began to play the CD that was in it. The song Bridge Over Troubled Water was played. I stood in awe and thanked God for his love. You see, the key was not in the ignition and this never happened before either. What was different was when the song played it would become louder on certain words. That is when I knew I was being given a special gift, to know that he is with me in all that I do. There are some trials that can be difficult as well as situations but with grace God gets us through them with faith on our part.

Sometimes we don't trust in what God is teaching us and when we let go of our wills and do God's, we see so much more of his guiding hand. When we listen and do his will the benefit that is received is rewarding by far. Not just for us but by those we do for. They too in our actions receive a gift. One of love.

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