March 25, 2007

Divine Mercy

Ever have a day where deciding where to go is near to impossible. I had that one yesterday, so when I entered the Mass Turnpike and the decision to go east or west came I put it in God's hands. There is two favorite shrines, one in the east and one in the west of the state. I went west to the Divine Mercy Shrine. I love both Shrines, La Salette and the Divine Mercy. La Salette does have something Divine Mercy doesn't have and that is the Rosary Pond. And La Salette doesn't have a daily Eucharistic Adoration. But they all have something wonderful and that is the presence of our Lord.

When I go to visit it is like a mini retreat where I get to reap the benefits of visiting. Yesterday I was looking at one of the stained glass windows that always captures my attention. I wondered why when my gaze is at the top where it looks as if the curtain is before the picture. I was so engrossed in looking at it and how it looked like it wasn't part of it that I failed to notice exactly what the whole window was of. When I did before Mass I finally looked at the whole glass and discovered it is a depiction of the woman bathing the feet of Jesus with her tears. One that I can say I relate to. It was a moment of awe, to understand why I was so drawn to it in the first place. Once I realised the value of the moment I was able to get up and move to the front so I may be even closer to our Lord during Mass. It was a good day on reflection and praying for others is always nice. St. Peregrine was of particular for a few people in thought and offering a prayer on their behalf with a relic made it more special.

Shrines do need our patronage and donations to survive. The benefits are rewarding because we come away filled with the presence of God. Please take time in our busy lives to visit one and refresh yourself.

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