March 29, 2007


Since there have been many changes going on here and elsewhere, I have changed my links because of something I have felt. It isn't the first time I have felt something and changed what is there. I can't describe the sorrow nor can I describe the feeling. It won't change what God has given and the truth of it, nor can it change the peace another receives when being touched. My conscience is clear and I will not judge another for whatever reason they have for judging me. That is up to God, my journal is for me to write about what is in my heart about a love that is there for God. I am sorry that what gifts God has given has put people on the wayside. Or my being confused when I knew full well what God is doing, yet in writing not a full account was written of because at those times it was the hardest thing to go through or describing absolute joy. To understand and not understand, or to not understand and then understand. I can't make people believe any more than Jesus could or the Apostles or anyone else. What I have written regarding many things are true. I for one had the hardest time, yet I do understand. I can't justify myself least of all to people, only to God. I am following the will of God, not my own or anyone else's. I love you all and hope that each day brings more joy and less sorrow. God Bless

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Anonymous said...

I'm a bit confused by this post MC, can you explain? I see that you didn't put my link up again, but that's ok. I only wanted to let you know because if someone clicked on it, they would have gone to the other site. I noticed yesterday that you did not allow comments, and now I see that you have comment moderation. Have i done something to disturb you? If you don't want to put up this comment, maybe you can send me an email?
forget me not

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