March 07, 2007


I re-upped on volunteering to give Catechism lessons again next season. There is something quite wonderful when talking to kids about faith. Sharing our own and giving what the Church teaches for them to live faith filled lives. It has to start somewhere.

I gave another picture away today too. I had one in my pocket and I kept having this thought to give it, and once I did the smile that she had was beautiful. No words can describe the happiness that was there. I'm just glad that I can do and give what Jesus wants me to give. It was wonderful, those were the only two that I had laminated and carried with me. These two women have gone through so much and continue to suffer in bodily illnesses. If anything, their seeing an image of Jesus gave them something no one else has. I have prayed for them to be healed and put them in God's loving hands.

Doing something nice for someone else is beyond compare a wonderful thing to do. It isn't the joy that it gives, it's the peace that fills the heart. When we know we did something right. Then we did our part in God's plan.

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