February 09, 2007


I have to think many times if when I do things is it out of my selfishness. Like when I am uncomfortable with the heat and others are cold internally seeking it. Are we both then selfish to seek comfort for our bodies. Am I doing something then to aggravate a situation or is someone else. These are not discernible questions, but questions of honesty. Does this teach me more on the power of love of neighbor? Yes, it also teaches me tolerance for those who suffer in their bodily needs.

With more people on drugs the more they are cold and seek warmth. Why is that. It almost looks like we are turning into cold blooded people then. All I can hope is that I get through the day with minimal discomfort myself. I'm just a little bug on the speck of the earth and not very important. People do that to others, making sure they are worthless that they are not needed or wanted. I've seen how we treat others and how we kill the unborn and euthanize the sick as a way of saying they are worthless. Not so. They teach us patience and caring and love.

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