February 26, 2007


I was able to take care of a few things today while out for the day sick. Just a few phone calls and the rest of the time resting and reflecting. I am thankful for God's guidance in my life, for his love. There is never a dull moment spent in contemplation.

Spending time listening, as well as conversing with our Lord is part of the joy of being in love with our Lord. It is sharing the many moments of the day, whether they are good or bad with him. Laughter and tears mingle with each other as happiness as well as sorrow cross. He gives so much of his heart to share the burdens we tend to carry.

I think the best part is when he holds our hands and walks beside us. All too often we don't realize how much he is there. That is something I have realized with time. After I had a quadruple bypass, my life changed. But it was happening long before that too. It wasn't the suffering or the illness, it was always part of me. I never let God go from my life. I've had to endure so many changes and God was there with me every step of the way. And Him I trust with all my heart.

2 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim said...

Sometimes we long to tell a friend what's on our heart, but see that that friend is going throuh a trial at the same time and is in no mood or listening condition to sit and hear us out! So we tell it to Jesus who is a Friend Who sticks closer than a brother or sister. He hears even our sighs.(I am a firm believer of the sigh being a simple, yet deep profound way to pray). He hears. He cares. He feels what we go through. He laughs with us and cries with us. He answers.

Marie Cecile said...

He sure does!

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