February 10, 2007


A moment of thought gave me something tremendous. Prayer! It is the desire to pray. I knew in my heart that this is what I want to do all the time. It is something I love! A realization of love in the highest degree. To know what a heart longs for.

I've had so many changes come about in my life and finding out recently that while working prayer brings strength. This morning it came so strong the thought about desiring prayer that there is no way that it can be dismissed. I am finding the pleasure in giving this gift to God, one of prayer to him and for him.

What can I give back to God what he so generously has given to me, my loyalty, my trust, my all. It is the belief of a lifetime. I know at times I am a broken record when I speak and write about God's love. There is something truly wonderful that I find in his love. He never leaves us even when we fail at times. That is something we humans never understood. Because we tend to leave and let go of those we don't understand. Not so with God. That's why I love him so much, not because he won't leave but because his love is so sure. This is the love that people long for with each other, it is the sureness that will always be there.

Loving God first really does make a difference in our lives, we love others easily. So much has a way of following suit when loving God first. But one thing I have noticed is the pity I feel for those who are lost to God. Those who prefer to hurt and mock others I would have no respect for, but pity them instead. In those times I recall how Jesus was mocked and how he endured so much because of us. Then out of my pity for those who know no better, I understand the suffering Jesus went through. Is this then how we learn the heart of God by seeing with eyes the Gospel and life together, entwined. I live it without realizing I have done so, even when I ran amiss.

Out of the depths of my heart I know I posses a gift that no man can ever buy, the love of God. This is one gift we can all have that is free. It doesn't cost a thing but to love God first.

3 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim said...

One thing I appreciate and I know you do also is a gratitude for being drawn by God to love Him. Not everyone has that. Let's continue to pray for our families , loved ones and coworkers that they too will be sensitive to that wooing love of God.
Thanks for all these bloggings about the love of God, your experiences as a Catholic in the workplace and your times of pondering and musing as you sit before the Blessed Sacrament, MC.
They mean more to others than you know.

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you teresa, prayer for others is always wonderful to give.

I'm happy to share God's love, but I didn't know it meant anything to others. Half the time I'm not even sure my blogs are read. But that's okay too. God bless you Teresa!

teresa_anawim said...

I don't get into the other one very much, but I do frequent this one, MC, though sometimes I do not comment.

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