February 15, 2007

Last Sunday

Last Sunday when I went to Chapel to do my hour, on the way in there is a table for material on vocations, such as prayer and a few other items. Somedays we find material dropped off that anyone can take. That day I found a book called The "Padre" His Mission to Save Souls, about Testimonies. I began to bring it to work to read at lunch time. I've only just started and am into a few pages. It's hard when others distract with questions, but read I will.

Anyway I forgot to mention about this when I wrote earlier.

I am looking forward to Lent. I think I may try something a bit different on my other blog. I am putting the thinking cap on and also letting the Holy Spirit be my guide as to what the material shall be. Who knows. Well I'm off to work and I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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