February 05, 2007

A good day

A peaceful day, thank you heavenly Father. Just some of the usual pranks to see if it will make an impression. I thank God for his strength, but more than anything for the insight to say that the creator is a male and not female. That was an interesting thing to hear a person say about God being a female at work. I was beginning to wonder what this person was up to. Some form of debate that didn't last long. It seems this young man is bent on mischief in a big way. He says some words and then says it mumbo jumbo type of stuff, and all I can think is that Jesus I trust in you and God is more powerful than all the demons put together and peace reigns in my soul.

It never ceases to amaze me the depths people will go to, just to cause another discomfort if they can. One thing for certain I would have been shook up a long time ago, but God does give us strength and courage to fight battles among those who do not believe when they say they do. But their words and actions prove their unbelief not their belief. Why else do people who say they believe and cause so much hurt to another human soul.

Then I think about the line in the Bible about what you did to the least of my brethren you did to me or something along that line. That's why loving our neighbor is so important even when they hurt us. I'm not hurt by this person but I can see how his actions and such can cause another pain. And then I wonder if that isn't why the other girl quit the job. If the majority of people are like this in the world, it's no wonder we are the way we are and that's sad.

I think then the beatitudes are even more beautiful to follow as a way of life. Not to be as rude as those who do their darnest to mock faith and those who follow it. God does love us and he does care about us all, yet many refuse to see it. They follow their own path of destruction.

I'm glad there is Mass tonight for the CCD students, that will be a pleasure to be at. and speaking of it is getting close to the time I must get going.

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