February 12, 2007

A Day

Yesterday I was refreshing myself on the lesson for the Novice class. It is on Liturgical and personal prayer. I'm always amazed when reading one time and going back over it how I miss somethings the first time. I look at it as glitches, I wasn't to know that paragraph yet. I'm laughing at that, because I remember reading books and doing the same thing. The dawning of the mind!

I was going to take a drive to the mountains this weekend but I ended up staying home. I did put a tarp on top of the car (whatever they are called car covers) temporary car ports. Last snow fall when I used a broom with a towel over it to protect the canvas, I ended up ripping the canvas because it is now aged and weak. So a temporary tarp now covers the hole. That was fun! I did my Adoration hour then went to Mass right after it. Late afternoon Mass.

Off to work I must go and I pray everyone has a blessed and good day today.

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