January 24, 2007

The Wonder of it All

It was a good day today, we spoke on faith again at work. I was asked a question about when I got the call. When I mentioned to two Catholic ladies what I saw on the Eucharist over three years ago now. Whenever I hear the sigh with the words oh dear, or oh my. I begin to have to work with those with faith but with unbelief. Even though I have pictures to prove what I saw and the many things that appeared on them. It does not always make a person a believer.

I'm sitting here trying to put myself in their place and hear this person tell them something that is rare, but seen only through their eyes, and would I believe them. They all know I am a deeply practicing Catholic. So today when we were all asked to go to a bar after work, I turned and asked them would they go to Vespers with me. I didn't see anything wrong in that since it's okay to ask me to go along to where they go, why not ask them to go where I go. That didn't go over too well. Just like one of the ladies suggested instead of drinks we go and have a tea and pastry, that didn't go over too well either. But you can guarantee we will have to go to the bar or we will not be part of the gang. So how should it be?

That reminded me of a person speaking to my kids and telling them when they go on Retreat they don't have to pray. I just finished going over a lesson with them about prayer. And here comes a young adult telling them it's okay they will not have to pray, wow. I wanted to tell this person how wrong she is. Prayer is essential to faith. But to get 10th graders to go and make it fun, what do you remove, PRAYER is the message they received. Now I am beginning to see why a big percent of the class raised their hands when asked if they don't pray. And the small few who do. And I would like nothing more than try hard like heck to give them a faith that is strong and sturdy. To do what is right and lead a life filled with love for God.

That brings me back to what I have seen and continue to experience and how it does not necessarily bring people to faith when they hear of my story. All they have to see is the love in my eyes when I speak about God.

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