January 01, 2007

We are transformed into one

Last night I saw the new year in with my parent's and my friend who got married that day called me to wish me a happy new year, which was awesome. I woke up early to finish getting things ready and to go to Mass this morning.

Mass was beautiful as usual, there was a moment when something came back to me to remind me of something beautiful that I received at LaSalette the other day. It was "pray with me," and then again I heard interiorly a prayer that spoke of united souls, it was as if I knew and prayed along with this prayer. This came to me this morning at Mass reminding me of a special moment in prayer. I didn't write of it the other day, because there was something else that needed to be written.

There is an understanding that is making sense, it's little tidbits that come flooding to mind, to recall the truth. It is about a heart that is no longer one but two. It is a bond of love that holds souls in time with each other. Where thoughts are realized when God manifests his love in our hearts. I understand what was spoken yet unspoken by lips. It is a gift that is rare, that touches those who God chooses to give this gift to. At first I wasn't sure what it was, but when a prayer that is spoken between two hearts, on two different occasions in a Church and then a reminder this morning. I can only hope that what I was to know has finally come to pass. That in God's way he has made himself clear in his desire. I can only say with absolute love and joy in my heart that God is truth, and love. For some reason I needed to write this out.

May the love God has for each of us be fulfilled in his plan for salvation.

4 Words of Wisdom:

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

No one is called more than the consecrated Religious to pray with Him. Jesus says, "pray with me" to His beloved disciples. Shall we pray with Him and not fall asleep in the garden of our souls as the Apostles did?

Can we not watch with Him for even one hour?

He calls.

teresa_anawim said...

I have been to La Salette in No. Attleboro a few times, but never in the winter to see the Decoratins which are famous. This year my parish had a bus trip going and I was too busy with work related obligations to sign up. Perhaps next year.
A dear friend of mine and spiritual brother constructed that beautiful, huge Rosary Walk.

Marie Cecile said...

That's beautiful Paul! Let us not fall asleep but let our Prayer be constant.

Marie Cecile said...


the lights are beautiful, I'm sorry you missed them. I'm glad your friend constructed the Rosary Walk, it is always the first place I head to if I do not go to the Church first.

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