January 12, 2007


Doing the Liturgy of Hours on your own is one thing, but singing it along with others is quite another. I actually felt lost at Vespers, if it wasn't for James helping me. He is also a student in my Novice class. Which brought to mind the lesson we are preparing for. I brought it to work with me to go through at my breaks and reread during lunch. It was then that I struck with something coincidental.

I didn't even think about it at all even when it was discussed. Because I tend to put my mind on God rather than documents. But we are learning in our Novice class about these things. One thing I was thinking about was the fact that I hardly mention what I am learning. If at all. I was, to put it mildly one minded. I didn't put my learning in with my journal as I should have. I was only putting my experience of God's love instead.

So much for using the intellectual side of me. I thank the conversation in the comments for bringing this basically to light. Now I can share what I have learned. Personnally I think God's love is the greatest to have, while other learning helps us to expound on other matters. Law, governance, community, rules, while the Commandments have always been a guide to living.

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