January 02, 2007


I finally have my computer back, thanks to my parents, they had it fixed for me. The internal power supply went kaplooey. I had been using the one I originally had but had given to my parents. My mom is happy to have it back so she can play her solitaire game. She is showing my dad how to do it too. It's good for his mind. So tonight I will be brief since I just finished hooking this up, with one exception, she isn't hooked up to the internet yet.

So until later when I have a bit more time to write. I will be able to relay a bit more about what I wrote on New Years. I had some time to reflect on it and look back.

4 Words of Wisdom:

forget me not said...

Yay! :-)

Marie Cecile said...

Big smiles :)

teresa_anawim said...

technology! I had to chuckle when I read your blogging here, MC.
There was a day when I said I'd NEVER have a DVD player, Walkman, telephone answering machine,copy machine,cell phone,cordless phone, microwave oven, A COMPUTER and who knows what else.Today I have all of them.
Just this morning I met someone who told me he'd never get one either. But I feel lost if any of these break down! I know the feeling, MC.
And ...oh yeah...I'll NEVER get a Blackberry,MP3,iPod,a bikini or a Harley...but...one never knows!(joking, of course)

Marie Cecile said...


I said the same thing to myself, I'd never own a computer, and voila! I have one. I do have an mp3, but it's filled with spiritual music. I do have some of the others but I do not use them. The pc and mp3 are the only things I use. I think if the other stuff is sitting there collecting dust then it's time to pass them along. When my pc broke down I was going to school and most of the work being done for class at the time was done on the computer. That was an oucher.

Gotta love the sense of humor! I might do an iPod since the Pope has one.

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