January 25, 2007

A song

Now that was a first for me, that going to bed I was getting a few words. "If we only have love," was making itself known to me. So I went in search of the song again to know the message I was to know. Once I heard the song the words stopped coming. I was finally able to go to sleep then.

But this morning I remembered them and now am listening to it. This is unusual since the last two times I had words came from a Christmas album. I thank Gabrielle over at
Contemplative Haven for showing me basically to look up the words on the Internet. And with that I found them:


If we only have love
Then tomorrow will dawn
And the days of our years
Will rise on that morn
If we only have love
To embrace without fears
We will kiss with our eyes
We will sleep without tears
(partial lyrics)

It's one thing to hear/know them interiorly but to read and see them to understand them are even better.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Gabrielle said...

Nice lyrics, mc. I'm happy you were able to find them to share with us.

Marie Cecile said...

your welcome, gabrielle! It was by your example that I give credit for finding it.

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