January 28, 2007

So real

Ever wonder how he does it, and hands down there's no question about how truly awesome God is. I went from Adoration to Mass and from there a strange and joyous ride home. After communion it was awesome and to top it off there was a song playing in my car that made things a bit more revealing. I never heard a song touch the soul in that way. "As on Eagles Wings" and I tell you I felt like soaring to the heavens. It was the second time this one affected me this way after communion.

Tonight also when I opened my bible to reflect on God's Word, I was brought to Jeremiah. Not just once but twice. There must be something about Jeremiah then. It was odd too since the first one was about false prophets. Did they have false prophets in Jeremiah's time? Do we? I know what I receive but I don't think they are prophetic. I think for me the words I'm given are a guide, an affirmation. I can not say why I'm given words and for whom because I don't know, I think I wrote about this before and I will not do so again. I suppose in God's time he will reveal what he wants to each of our souls when we are open to his love.

And he really does love, we are so blind to his love it's pathetic. He's just so awesome I can't say it any other way right now, because he has touched my soul in such a fantastic way.

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