January 16, 2007


I didn't get to go to Vespers last night after I dropped off a coworker at home. I did get to stop for a few minutes at Chapel and receive his glorious face. I touched a lady on my way out briefly, after that I couldn't wait to get home I hurt so much , yet I was fine upon entering the Chapel. I prayed and prayed that short stretch home. Once home I ate some supper and tried to relax. I couldn't shake the apathy I was feeling. I ended up going to bed so early and praying. I began to pray the prayer of St. Michael several times. Even when I was driving I prayed it. At that point I was almost afraid to touch a person. At least this morning it was gone. I slept well, woke a few times and prayed. I give thanks to the Lord our God for this day, may all I do be fruitful to him.

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