January 03, 2007

Pray With Me

The only place I have experienced "pray with me," has always been at LaSalette. I tried to recall when I interiorly heard a similar uniting prayer when I was at LaSalette in Enfield, NH., two years ago if "pray with me" was prior to the prayer. If anything that prayer was a surprise when I heard it interiorly and it brought such joy to my heart.

But when I have gone to LaSalette in Attleboro, MA I have received "pray with me" a few times. I never thought too much about it at the time. Not until this last time, when after it was recalled to me at Mass a day or two later. So now I am attempting to recall as much as possible when and where this has happened. So from this I can say with absolute certainty it only happens when I am at LaSalette.

I will make note of it from now on should it happen again to recall when and where. I don't know completely why I am given this, but I'm sure in time the purpose will be revealed.

6 Words of Wisdom:

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

The Religious Life is primarily a call to pray with Jesus and His Blessed Mother. The call is persistent. And the proper response is "speak Lord, your servant is listening" (Samuel).

Pray with Me.

forget me not said...

You're blessed MC. Thank you for sharing these intuitions. They are very helpful in increasing my awareness of that inner voice we all have, but that often times gets overpowered by other things.

teresa_anawim said...

What a beautiful gift, MC.

Reminds me of the lonliness Our Lord must have felt in the Garden when He had noone to pray with Him.

Marie Cecile said...

I guess it truly is a blessing, one that I didn't acknowledge. It took me awhile to understand this myself. Because there is so very much has has done already.

Paul, I have known of his call to the Religious Life, from the beginning when I began to see him in the Eucharist, and it is a persistent call. One that I respond to gladly. "speak Lord, your servant is listening"

Marie Cecile said...


I also was not understanding that the call was for other reasons that are not made known in writing. I believe he is leading me to the Religious Life but there is something that he is showing me too. I hear his call, I listen for his direction, and I pray always that I will do his will.

FMN, I'm happy to share what I can reveal, I don't think are intuitions, because they are different. I can't expain it in a way that is understood by others. I had a hard time with it myself. It took a lot of discerning and much more to come to grips with a message or conversation between hearts. Until I understand more fully it will have to be explained this way.

Thank you teresa,

It too reminds me also, I often thought how lonely Jesus truly was even though he had the apostles and others around him. I think I can understand why many times he went off to pray by himself, to refresh himself and give to his father what we often don't know how to do ourselves.

forget me not said...

I see what you mean MC. Intuition is the wrong word, but it's not easy for me to define it as "interior locution", being that only you can discern if this is what you are experiencing. Maybe you should speak to your spiritual director about it? It seems important.

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