January 19, 2007

One Day at a Time

I'm listening to some pleasant music to sooth the soul. I sometimes play the Lord's Supper and fill my being as if I were at Mass. This is John Michael Talbot's CD, and it fills me with so much passion for the love of God.

I missed going to the workshop last night, out of extreme tiredness. I get up at the early hours of 3 a.m. and more than anything I should not have signed up for it when going to bed would have been close to 10 p.m. and that's if sleep would have come. I was already very tired and that would have made it worse. So my night was very early one.

It bothered me that I missed it. But I needed to remember one thing, I am not young and bouncing back is a bit harder. The job that I do is a sit down one, but involves lots of eye work, and when you are searching for nearly invisible stuff it can tire a person out when they aren't used to it. It's tedious work, and as time goes on and skill in the area develops so will stamina.

It's like learning to exercise, it takes time to adjust to a routine. On that note it is the same with practicing faith. We get what we put into it, and if we don't put much we don't get much either. That's why I try to learn what I need to so I can have a fuller life of faith that is fulfilled by study and by fellowship.

One can love God all they want but they need to share it in their life, their joys and sorrows as well as the little miracles God provides in order for us to witness to His Truth. But it is also the witnessing of His love that is the focus of what He does for us. At least for me anyway. I know he has given me a special gift and he continues to show me more as time goes by. When it is time to go further He will provide the way in which to go. Even now something has been taking place and is slowly showing itself. And if I need it spelled out to me then God will do so in His way.

As one person I have spoken with had said to me, why am I waiting for God to show me the way. And I said, but I'm not I am living my life as he has allowed me to. It is along the way that he does show me what I have been patiently waiting for, His everlasting love.

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