January 07, 2007

It works

I had my exercise plus some yesterday, I kept having to go up and down the stairs.
The joy of trying to connect to the Internet. I managed to get it all done by supper time.

When I was making supper last night, the television was on so I changed the channel to EWTN. Since I have given up watching TV I could have shut it off, but listening to EWTN was good for a change. There was something being discussed about revelation and private revelations, I didn't get to hear too much of it since both the dog and I heard a knock on the door. I looked over and saw the dog looking at the cellar door at the time we heard the knock. First I looked out the front door, no one there. Then we both went downstairs to see if there was someone at the cellar outside door, no one. Yet the dog heard it too. This took me away from preparing supper and from listening to what was being discussed about private revelations. By now nothing that mysteriously happens I take for granted. A knock on the door, a coincidence perhaps, with the timing of the program discussion, to signify what he reveals to me. I thought it was pretty good. And if there is some other way to look at it then I'm sure it will come.

I don't go looking for the mysterious or look for anything out of the ordinary, I just go on with my life, I pray, I do my best to follow his teachings and live a normal life. So when things that are out of the ordinary happen I make note of them, because for a very long time he has done these things to say look I'm showing you something, pay attention. The same when words come, I pay attention.

I don't know about somethings, that's when I discern as much as possible. There have been much that has been proof positive and some that is not. But that is part of what is for me to learn too. To know the difference when it's from him or from the deceiver. I know that my heart is being called by God, and I know he speaks lovingly to my heart. It's not just the joy that invades my soul it is the happiness that invades my being. When God is part of our heart, mind, body and soul we are united completely. What a beautiful way to be.

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