January 12, 2007

A promise

I give my fidelity to the Pope and his Bishops, I profess my belief in the Magisterium of the Church. I have committed my life to God and obey His will above my own. I have consecrated my life to loving God and His Church even though this consecration is in thought not in fact. It is where my heart is placed, not just in my body but part of the unity of the Church and it's teachings.

I have lived my life with this always in mind. So when I have reserved the Lord's Day as His day, it was kept solely as his. It was a day I kept Holy when the world was bent on taking it away. And if I'm old fashioned on that then I must be doing something right because God has been doing something wonderful for me in my life to show His Love. He didn't ask me to be quiet about it either, rather it seems that making Him known is what is to be done in a world that is slowly removing him.

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