January 21, 2007

I am not afraid!

There are a few CD's that I listen to that keep me on my journey. The other day I mentioned one, but today I will tell of another that touches my soul very deeply, It is called Make a Joyful Noise by Father Pat, there are many songs that Father Pat sings that speak loudly to my soul. I don't know why or how, but sometimes it happens and at other times it doesn't.

It all depends on what the Lord is letting me know. For a long time it took me awhile to understand this and the purpose for it. But then I began to understand the call of our Lord and how he uses different means to bring his love to light. There was a moment when I was driving and listening to a CD by Josh Groban, and one song touched me so very deeply, it was a song of love. I believe I wrote about it too. Music in this sense does not always speak to my heart though. I could listen to spiritual, harmonious music and nothing at all. I could listen to Father Pat and several others and I will not have anything but the pleasure of listening to profound music.

And then there might be a moment when a specific word in one of Father Pat's would strike me deeply. I have also found it happens once or twice with JMT's, but not very often. I often wondered what it all meant. And then I would chock it up to the Holy Spirit delivering a message of love from our Lord.

But the one thing I had wondered was, is it possible to hear without music playing. And yes, it is because when it wasn't playing in a room I did hear words to a song twice at work. Not physically hear, but interiorly as if it was right there. The same when I was from sleep and hear it playing. I try to write down the exact words that I hear. I don't always manage it though, since there is no paper beside my bed. That is when I find when it is truly important it stays with me until it is written down. The discernment process for all this was not easy.

But I began to understand it better, just like the times I go to Chapel and joy lights up my soul and a smile crosses my face when there should be none. And yet it happens, I feel as if I glow, the joy that touches me is profound, just as the tears are while smiling. Have I ever understood any of it. Someday!

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