January 07, 2007

Good Day

I wrote about something this morning that I heard on the TV yesterday. I didn't get to think too much about it until now. I had put it out of mind. So when I did get a chance to reflect I had to think about the many words I have gotten. But during all the time, I never once really thought of any of it as revelation. I would often wonder what some of them meant regarding my life. But then when I thought back it had more to do with Jesus' life, birth and death. As if this was his way of saying to me, yes I am real, I did once live and died. I believed before, but now after thinking about more of this, it hits home to me more how truly wonderful he is. And I was in awe before.

I believed and yet he is giving me proof of his existence in a unique way. Does he do this for others? I don't know. All I know is that he does reveal himself to those who he calls to be either a religious life or to witness to his grace.

I was just thinking, should he come, would he find any faith in this world. Should he come knocking upon our hearts would he find any room for him in there. Would he find a heart swept clean of filth? Yet we have such a beautiful sacrament that helps us to reconcile ourselves to God. And it's one that is the least used by so very many people. But I am not the one who should be pointing out the beam in others eyes when I too may have a beam in mine. I try my very best to use the sacrament of reconciliation at least once a month. For me it is recommended to do so as a Lay Dominican.

It is a beautiful sacrament that when we do not hold back we reap a fuller appreciation of God's forgiveness. Why did I touch on this, it was part of a conversation I had with another that brought this to mind. It was about sin and how we teach. Reformed sinners it seems know where they err and as a penitent try to steer others from committing the same sin or any sin at all. But each of us are different and some are open to learning, while others are closed.

I love to learn new things as it allows me to grow as a person. No matter what, I am never too old to learn and going to school had showed me that. The openness to receive a better understanding of life, of God, of myself.

4 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim said...

I too like to go to confession regularly.

I am old fashioned and prefer the 'box' with the screen!

Where I go (a shrine) the priests even put a curtain over the screen for assured anonymity.

Marie Cecile said...

me too teresa, I'm the same. I'm not ashamed to go face to face, but being anonymous does allow us to free ourselves without feeling embarrased. I know at LaSalette you can either sit in front of the Priest or sit behind a curtain or kneel partially visible. I kneel, it's a must to go to confession when I visit the shrine. Even if I don't have anything to confess, it's a good habit.

teresa_anawim said...

LOL....When I went into the first room right across from the door as you walk in near the crucifix, I knelt down, and there in the glass of the big picture window was the reflection of the entire confessional in all clarity!...me kneeling, Father sitting and the anonymous screen in between LOL! Your comment brought this back to mind and causes me to chuckle.

Marie Cecile said...

no anonymity then in that one, the windows give a reflection. LOL

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