January 30, 2007


Last night I had a compliment of sorts. I was told I finally got my act together. Pretty much in the way of teaching. I wasn't forceful before and the kids ran the room, while my aid would get angry and yell at them to pipe down. But me didn't like the fact that she had to yell at them at all.
So something had to change, and when I got angry one time when I was alone with them and they heard me speak, well from then on I made the decision it was going to stop. They are good kids, and so am I. I don't want to be an ogre about teaching but enough is enough when kindness fails.

It wasn't the kids who needed the change it was me in how I was to them. I came across as a kind but not forceful lady. It just wasn't that either, I knew the lesson but the kids ran away from it and when I lost control I lost the lesson along with it.

So when I changed and took charge the lesson went along as planned. But the others judgement about my not laying out a lesson plan is wrong, it was in how I delivered it and it wasn't there. So once again I changed me to please others. When you get comments on the sly aimed at how you teach, then I had to do the only thing. Someday they will have to change too, when God calls them into question for their judgement.

There are so many times I've often felt I didn't measure up to other peoples standard, how they have looked down their mighty noses, never once looking within the person. Or made comments to relay how dumb. Yet in it all there is one source of love that I will always find and that is God's love. I love each person who causes any wounds. I have given him my weakness. That of not having a tough exterior, because love to me is the greatest gift there is. To love in spite of it all. Lord these are my thoughts and I offer them up to you. I gave myself to you and I will always keep my eyes always fixed upon you.

2 Words of Wisdom:

forget me not said...

I've often received compliments like that. The only thing that matters is what God sees in you: a cherished treasure, a loving soul that corresponds to his love.

Marie Cecile said...

your right, that's all that truly matters isn't it. We are all precious in his eyes and loved by him.

God love you

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