January 31, 2007


It's always a comfort to read the Gospels and see ourselves in it at times. Today was one of those days when it hit me about discipline. I know that I have been going through a process of learning. Not to dwell on the past , but when looking back and I see a child of wonder growing up with faith and keeping it I now understand it never was lost. But as an adult the the path I walked wasn't always straight and on that path Go's love and guidance became more known. It was then up to me to learn of the discipline that was part of my own trials.

Just as learning to listen to his voice and the promptings of the Holy Spirit. I had to go through my trials to bring about a strength in myself that God saw and wanted for me. He knew all through my growing years the many times I would see and hear something and say to myself that's not what God wants. It's not his way, it's not his law and-so-forth. I would often say this to my mother when something that was happening in the world and it was a topic of conversation.

How I have continually done this throughout my life, because it was all the time I didn't realize it myself until it was brought to light. But more than that was when I sinned, I went through my own hell because I knew, and I did the best to yank out the plank in my own eye and tear out the spot that placed itself upon my heart.

God in his goodness did not take away from me, but gave me something far greater, life. His love is beautiful and when people begin to understand this treasure they too will see.

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