January 14, 2007


Class was great today, there was a moment that when we were talking about giving thanks for what is in our life. I had an opportunity to speak about thanking God for everything, not just the the big things but for the very smallest things. I had said how I begin my day by thanking God for my life, and from there everything that goes on is in thankfulness. I don't wait until the end of the day to thank him. It is constant, and when something unique happens I thank him more so for it.

But from this it was about scripture and how we are to live. And when I was telling this it was as if I was guided to speak, because once it was said, I felt as if something closed. It was the point that it is what God seeks of us, to be thankful always. To live our day in thankfulness. To recall exactly what I said is not easy, but it's eloquence and meaning were there.

This was the first time I ever spoke and when finished had the sense it was completed. I don't know how else to say it, or relay that feeling that a window just closed, but all I know is that after I sat quietly, without having had to say much after that.

Mass was wonderful, and always profound. The joy and love that envelopes a heart when in the presence of our Lord. It is always a joy to be a part of a Mass that gives to God. Mass should always be reverent, because He is always present. What a gift that is to be part of such a banquet. And to think many think it boring, little do they know how truly alive the Mass is when we are truly united.

Our class this month was earlier than usual, next week we have a special Holy Hour from 4-5p.m. at the Monastery for the ongoing 800th anniversary. Since today was my once a month class, I missed Paul's opening of chat for La Salette Journey. I hope it went well. If anyone has questions, he most definitely can answer them.

I had questions myself today about Church documents, because we need to read parts of some to coincide with our lessons and I had a difficult time finding some and how to find the page when it is on the Internet. So today, I was given the answer. I need to use a different program to enable page count, I'm laughing because that caused me a bit of distress so to speak, because one article said page 14, and when I did a print preview it gave me only seven pages. My dilemma was solved then at class.

I am also looking forward to Vespers after work where I can be part of community with others of the lay people as well as with the Nuns of the Monastery. So if I time it with overtime and dropping off the one I give a ride home too, then I can go straight to Vespers without going home first. It will make for a long day, but a worthwhile one. Now I can fine tune a croaking singing voice. Well until later, I hope everyone has a blessed day.

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