January 26, 2007

Learning to change

I had a peaceful nights sleep, and today is Friday. Fish or meatless day. I enjoy following the road that Jesus traveled.

One thing I have noticed is I removed my small Bible from my car so I wouldn't have to shift it from the front seat to the back everyday when I give a ride home. Today it goes back in there. It's great to peak in it when at a red light or traffic. Then I have a moment to read a verse and reflect on it.

One thing I have noticed since working is a growing change in myself. I not only pray but I guard my mouth from remarking about things that do not belong. Such as in jokes or other stuff that at one time I did remark upon to my utter shame for being so callous in that regard. I am finding myself more reserved yet still pliable. I think more than anything it's trying to listen to others when there is so much noise going on. The same when I try to listen to our Lord's voice.

Sometimes change happens and when I recognize that it's not part of the path that I am led on, then I too need to correct and change where I am going wrong.

2 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim said...

I too am learning to listen ..through Scripture, through events, through the voices and lives of children and especially through the anawim Jesus refers to in the Beatitudes.

Marie Cecile said...

It's beatiful teresa, isn't it, the beatitudes. They are truly a gift to live by

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