January 18, 2007


It was my dad's 75th birthday yesterday. Not everyone in our family could make it over, but those who did were able to share in his day.

It's always nice to have family share in these days. I understand that sometimes some families suffer and cannot be a family. There is a girl who I work with, her sister also works there, they don't talk to each other. It's sad that she refuses to be the first to say hi or even talk to her. One of them has to be the first. One day she will.

I have a class to go to tonight for CCD. It will help me for my students. Well it's time for me to get going. I pray you all have a blessed day today.

4 Words of Wisdom:

forget me not said...

Hey, MC, my dad's birthday was the 16th, and he too turned 75! Happy birthday MC's dad!

Marie Cecile said...

Oh wow fmn, Happy Birthday to your Dad too, and many more.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

How fortunate for your CCD students that they have you as their teacher.

God love you,

Marie Cecile said...

Aww, but it is I who is the lucky one to have them as students.

God love you,
Marie Cecile

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