January 09, 2007


Is it possible to start anew each year? I think so! Because each day is a new day so I start anew each time I get up and start a new day. What may have been wrong yesterday is now a new start to today. And there was nothing wrong with yesterday either. But today is still a new start.

This helps when we have things that sometimes weigh heavily upon us, is to begin again and look at it in another way. For me I have two things that I know need to be taken care off at a specific time to pay. The others have to begin again to create an new starting point because they have been held off for too long to start back where it was left off. But it will be done with God's grace.

No matter what dilemma we have if we put our trust in God, he gets us through those trials. When we lay them at his feet he takes it upon himself to lighten our burden. I have found that through the years I have done this.

There is something about us being our own worst critics or enemies, we don't see ourselves as others do, and even then some see us in a different light than others. I have found that through the years I have loved those who didn't like me, I loved those who didn't care and you know something there is so much truth to loving your neighbor as yourself. But it has always been my love for God who has always been first in my life that enabled me to give love to others in this way.

So when I say new beginnings it's a fresh start in every direction our life takes. He get us through the rough spots as well as the smooth one's.

Let this be our prayer that we will be ever closer to God and trust him with all our beings.

2 Words of Wisdom:

AutumnRose said...

Every day we can start anew! Thanks for this reflection xx

Marie Cecile said...

your welcome autumnrose!

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