January 21, 2007


I went and paid a visit to Paul's chat. I was so lucky to have the room all to myself. I was able to figure out various things. Posted a few out of silliness. Wandered around and admired the blank walls. Hmm now I understand what it means to be excluded or lol, left alone to my own devices. One thing for certain I have no problem amusing myself.

I think that is the one thing not many people can do, be alone with themselves. I can and when I am in that state of aloneness I find myself ever closer to God. The silent conversation we have I think are better than when I try thinking about my needs or the needs of others. Being with family and with people are beneficial as well. That's how we give love and support to those who need it.

Right now I am having a hard time watching my dad eat. He does the gag reflex when he doesn't like what he is eating, or he'll say he's full. I was preparing a meatless lunch, vegetables sauteed and a veggie patty. He peeled an orange to eat, and I asked him why are you peeling the orange when lunch is almost ready. Oh, I thought that was for you, he said. Believe me I don't eat that much food myself, it was a big pan full. Oh Lord, there are days I just want to cry because it hurts so much to see a grown adult refuse to eat. My mom and I try to tell him he needs food to keep his strength up and it's like battling a stubborn mule. I pray that somehow God will give him the strength to go on. But more than anything I pray for my mom to have patience with him when he is in the no mood to eat food.

I pray for strength too.

7 Words of Wisdom:

John Ansley said...

Please accept my apology for your visit to the La Salette Journey Chat. Paul was called away for a meeting and I was snarled in traffic. Last week, only two people showed up but this wasn't too shabby.

The room should be back next Sunday. Again, my apologies.

John Ansley said...

P.S., forgive my unsolicited advice. But perhaps your father doesn't feel like eating because is suffering from acid-reflux or problems associated with his esophagus.

Check with his physician about having him prescribed prilosec or nexium.

This could be his problem.


Marie Cecile said...

Apology accepted, but John it was good for me also. I like those moments, they bring about quiet reflection.

Thank you for letting me know though.

And any advice is never unsolicited, it is always welcome. Unfortunately we wish that were the problem, but you see he can eat a good size portion of Ice cream with no problem, or a cookie. But when it comes to food that feeds the body he doesn't quite do so well. And that's only if it's something that he has taken a dislike to. He takes medicine for memory, and if Alzheimers affects eating like this then it will be a tough road ahead.

Marie Cecile

Gabrielle said...

Marie Cecile, I was just talking the other day with a woman whose mother has Alzheimers, and she mentioned the very same problem. She was told that it is something which goes along with having this disease, the lack of desire to eat or drink. Maybe you could talk to your dad's doctor about it, because dehydration can occur very quickly.

teresa_anawim said...

prayers tonight for Dad.

John Ansley said...

I have placed a special intention before the Spiritual Children of Saint Rita: that your father will be motivated to eat and that the Lord Jesus will sustain him in all his needs.

St. Rita, saint of the impossible, pray for him!

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you teresa and John for your prayers on my Dad's behalf.

And I thank you also Gabrielle for letting me know about your friend. I think it's time I start researching the disease.

God love you all.

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