December 24, 2006


Yesterday was delightful, I had lunch with Sister MaryAnn and Sister Senga and Shirley. We had an enjoyable lunch. I am always delighted to be with Sister, she has guided me over the past years on my journey.

I am thankful she has come into my life, for her insights and love. I'm not always a good conversationalist at times. Because I tend to listen more than talk. But when the conversation or God is mentioned I believe my eyes light up at that. I don't know there is just something extremely beautiful about God and when people speak of him I get so delighted. I think it's because he is the joy of my heart. I'm proud of Him who made me and has done wonderful things for us.

After Mass this morning, I need to make my special meatballs for tonight. It's a request I get every year to make smothered meatballs. And there is nothing better than making them home made. Lot of work, but worth it. I think this year I will attempt to make a Tortiere, meat pie.
That will have to have no chicken, or certain spices, since my sister is allergic to poultry and some spices. Everything we make has to have this in mind.

How is it that we can go shopping and prepare food for days on end just for a few hours of togetherness. But it is to see the delight on every one's faces. I just pray it would be the delight and thought of Jesus being born for us that does it for them, more than the presents and food.

We do so much to give Jesus this special day, yet how quickly we put him in the back of our minds when we open gifts and eat. This year let our thoughts be on the Magi, who give to the Holy Family gifts to honor a King. You know I think tonight this will be an easy task to do, to put my thoughts on Him in the manger and not on the gift I receive. My love for him is far greater than my own pleasure.

I know sometimes I repeat myself when I write or talk, and sometimes I get lost in thought as I write and I let my fingers just touch the keyboard and let God do the rest. I hoped we would have snow for Christmas this year. Better yet let is snow around the world as a sign of his love. Now I think I was pushing that one a bit. One can only hope.

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