December 19, 2006


This morning those lovely words kept coming until I wrote them in the reflection today. I'm beginning to wonder why I am getting lyrics. Even the other day a song came bursting from my lips, I began to sing it and for the life of me I don't remember hearing it. It's a good song, it's called I can't take my eyes off of you, and I sang the words to a song I hardly know. Lately it's happening more and more, not just waking up with it, but during waking hours, out of the blue when it's quiet like the time I was at work.

I'm trying to not make a big deal out of it, but as a journal and what goes on in my life, I am writing about it. Somewhere in the writing there must be something that points me in a direction, or it's not for me at the moment but for something else. I believe with all my heart all that God is doing. I sometimes wonder if it is for me through the Holy Spirit or is it for another purpose. These are questions I ask myself, and then I do the very best to discern it all. It is after all God's plan not mine, nor is it something the mind makes up. Not when God goes through so much trouble just to get his point across. That is the beauty of God too. I don't know, right now I'm just writing it out, maybe I'll see something significant, maybe not. What is the words and the music all about then? Because lately they seem more on the coming birth of our Lord rather than, something that is given to guide. Anyway these are my thoughts this day.

My cold is hanging in there, it's slowly getting better. The cold is going around our isolation room, three more have gotten it, besides myself and another. What a cycle a cold has. I work in a clean room, where we do everything by cleaning it first. Lot's of alcohol wipes and those are used constantly, I've used them to stiffle a sneeze, or cough. Still managed to pass on the cold though. One would think in a sterile environment it would not happen, but it does.Even when we are all stuffed up, we have a lot of good natured people there. We have been talking about Religion on and off, good thing when that happens it's nice. Well anyway, enough of my babling. Until tomorrow.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Cubeland Mystic said...

Since you work in a clean room perhaps God is giving you something beautiful to thing about?

Marie Cecile said...

Cubeland mystic, I think your right. There is something wonderful going on that is sometimes hard to explain.

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