December 08, 2006

Our Blessed Mother

After work I stopped at the Chapel as usual, then I went to Mass for the Holy Day of Obligation, which is a pleasure. I arrived early so I was able to reflect on our Lord. When the people in front of me came, I could smell a beautiful perfume. All through Mass I could smell it at times very strong and then none, but it was delicious to say the least. Well anyway I couldn't wait to ask the lady what the name of the perfume was, and boy that was a long wait too. When Mass was over I did ask, only to be told she didn't wear any, and yet it came from in front of me. They proceeded to tell me I was smelling the Blessed Virgin. But I didn't smell any roses, not this time anyway, it was a beautiful scent. So I gave them a hug, then I was told I smell like roses and the only perfume I had on was on my hand and it was stuff called Hawaiian Ginger, and nothing like roses. That was the first time anyone told me I smelled like roses. Our Heavenly Mother it seems was letting us both know her presence. I don't think they realize they were smelling our Lady too, not me. That can be the only explanation then. It was wonderful to be so blessed to have smelled our Lady's presence then.

What a gift! I thank you Dear Mother for the special grace, your love is so very special to me as your Son is and our dear Father is. You have given me your blessing and I pledge my undying love to you. Thank you for your love

2 Words of Wisdom:

Gabrielle said...

Marie Cecile, this is beautiful. Honora had a very special experience at Mass on Dec 8th as well. She talked about it in my combox. The Blessed Virgin is so loving and gracious to manifest herself in these ways.

Marie Cecile said...

That's awesome Gabrielle! I'm happy for anyone who has the grace to experience Our Heavenly Mothers love. Like I've said before I'm no one special, but the people of the world are. I'm glad to hear of stories that give witness to the mystical love of our Heavenly Family.

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