December 21, 2006

Odd but good

I needed to stop at the Rectory after work to pick up a missing item from an order that was late coming in from a fundraiser. While I was there I was able to talk to the secretary about a few things. I discovered she has had her own mystical experiences. So I was able to ask her about something that happened at work yesterday. After lunch something happened, where I felt a presence next to me. What I was able to tell her was seeing the material that was under my left hand moving without me moving my hand at all. It was the strangest thing to see. I didn't sense or feel the presence as something bad. What I did was feel another hand with mine, and watch as I tried to open a bag but could not, yet I felt this hand moving with mine.

There was a point that I just sat there and said what the :$*%#& is going on. Little did I know that I thought I was saying freak and I was told I swore. They laughed. But today they told me I was gone for fifteen minutes, that I wasn't there. I was physically but not there. They told me I was trying to coil fiber and it was funny to watch, they were afraid I was going to break it. It was awesome. Well anyway, when I got home I told my parents about it. And today I spoke to Kathy, she had said it may have been the Lord's way or telling me he is with me and guiding my hand, basically. I didn't think about that, but then I remember asking him to show me the way, and guide me on my path. Well then it seems the clean room I work in is a fountain of the mystical. Because I heard the words clear as day in a silent room and now this presence that was felt and seen the movement of to show me that he was there.

At this point nothing is surprising anymore, but becoming clearer. Not like at the begininng when everything that was happening and the hard time I had in believing he could choose a sinner as myself. That took me such a long time to understand that he what he is doing is not only calling me to his life but to be his witness too. It's still hard to believe I swore while under the influence of his presence. But prayer was always there at the time and later too. I prayed the whole time.

Even today I felt the presence in my left arm briefly. At that I prayed.

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