December 08, 2006

A New Pet

My mom is happy now that she has a new addition in the house. My sister asked if she would adopt a pet, and she did. He will be a year old around Christmas. He's a cute little dog. The family that had him had to let him go due to allergies. He is so friendly too.

Animals and I seem to get along quite well, but this one is for my mom, since Ollie the Parrot has not bonded with her. And believe me she has tried to get that bird to go to her too.

I don't know what it is lately, but there is a calm that is felt. I have understood something significant and I'm thankful for that. We will see what comes of it anyway. I know it doesn't make any sense right now, but it is hard to explain a gift.

It did help when I stepped away for a few minutes and prayed, since there was a bit of mischief going on. I must get going, I'll write more later and respond to any comments I was unable to reach since blogger changed over to Google this morning and put me a bit behind.

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