December 27, 2006


Since I am at work for 6 a.m. morning Mass is no longer. I found out about a Parish that has a Mass at 5:15 p.m., so tonight I went. I was not happy, nor will I go back to that Church. It was a speedy Mass at best, and when people responded slowly, the Priest chimed in to make them say the prayers faster. The consecration blew my mind with the Priest dusting off the host. There was no time to reflect on anything. It was all done under 15 minutes. People go because they want Mass, but not at that price. Yet what can they do but go anyway.

That's why they respond slowly, to draw it out. But it's a no go on that. I left with sorrow in my heart. I went to the Chapel and asked God's forgiveness for them. Forgiveness for myself for walking out and for the poor people who attend hoping for more than what they get.

That was the first time I ever felt such desolation. But not only that, there was no joy in the people who were there. I felt sorrow for them, because they are not getting the Word of God in the readings, so how can they go out and proclaim to the world and their neighbor, what they received from a void. If I didn't already know what the reading was about, I would have sat there shaking my head in total disbelief, and I was close to it too. I asked God for forgiveness on my part for any judgement I have rendered on the beauty of Mass that was more in line with something unknown.

Now I can also understand the sorrow in God's heart for his Church and those that run it.

2 Words of Wisdom:

forget me not said...

My heart goes out to you MC. It bothers me that there are churches where there is no homily at daily mass. Even so they last at least 30 minutes. Never been to a 15 minute Mass! That's a record!

Marie Cecile said...

Thanks fmn! Mass is a pleasure, but not when it's shortened. Let's hope you don't get to experience one, it's heartbreaking at that speed.

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