December 15, 2006

Looking Forward

I'm looking forward to the novice class on Sunday. And looking forward to making first profession. A promise to live a rule of life to serve the Lord. I may be living on the outside, but my heart is on the inside. Many a day I spend in contemplation while working and trying to understand the depths of his love.

I have recently been asked many questions from those I work with that I cannot answer. So now I get a chance to find out so I can. As with anything else I live for today not tomorrow. I would say I am anxious for May to come, for the time to speak of a promise.But let today be done first then I deal with tomorrow and so forth.

My cold is doing better, I went to bed so early last night, just so I could get the rest that I need to fight this cold. And I prayed to our dear Father to lighten is a bit. So I say thank you to the love of my life for his constant care. So I say, speak Lord, for your servant is listening. May my lips always proclaim your love.

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