December 10, 2006


The other day I asked God for permission to go to LaSalette in Enfield, New Hampshire. I wanted to do his will above my own, that's why I asked. And the other day at Mass I got my answer and blessing to go. Yesterday I went and for some reason it didn't take that long to get there.

It must have snowed fairly recent because there was about an inch or two on the ground. The lights are beautiful there. It was a treat to go and see them as well as seeing Father Pat giving a concert. You see, I have been to a few of his concerts in the last few years after discovering God was allowing his music to touch me. It is through his ministry that God has touched me in ways that helped me understand what is asked of me.

He has touched many lives to bring healing through the ministry of song. I too have heard and felt many words touch my heart through song. I have attributed it to God's hand touching my heart to bring about truth. For me personally, God has used this Priest for me to understand God's gift of Divine Love. Where I would still be floundering in a lost void if not for the grace of God and the help of another. This is how God uses this Priest to touch those whose ears are ready to listen. My ears were listening before, but I found more understanding than I did before.

I also remember another Priest who has touched me very deeply, I have had the grace to know his special gift of the Holy Spirit. He is Father Michael Sullivan, he gives retreats. He came to my Parish two years ago to give a Lenten Retreat and I'll tell you what a special man he is. In this regard I can say these two Priest have touched my soul. They are disciples of God. Father Michael is the first to tell me to abandon myself totally. I haven't regreted it since.

I have always had love in my heart, but I am understanding the worthiness of my soul. It is through those times when I do God's will that he teaches me more about his love and life.He doesn't give me the answers to many questions that arise, but he does guide me on my journey. I have found that he has given many answers but they are hidden from me. When at Mass, how a word brings a smile to reveal the truth. I am learning his ways above my own. May my heart always listen to God's heart.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Gabrielle said...

I have experienced this too, mc, how sometimes just one word or one sentence of a homily (or with music) can reveal things to you in a way that weeks of homilies or months of reading never did. It is truly the Holy Spirit at work.

Marie Cecile said...

Most definitely the Holy Spirit, I'm glad that you are witnessing for our Lord in the ways he makes himself known to you. That's beautiful!

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