December 16, 2006

Joy and then some.

I needed to go to Sturbridge to find where the Christmas party is for work. So while in the area I stopped in at St. Joseph's Abbey, what a delight that was. It never ceases to amaze me how God can touch a heart. I did my Rosary and had such a heartfelt smile and joy filled moments. I love when our souls collide on blissful prayers.

I will always write of those precious moments as long as I am capable of it. I read of people writing of their love for their spouses, children, boyfriends, or girlfriends and some of their special love for God. Those are the one's that bring a smile more than anything. It's reading of love for our Lord, and it's precious. This is my joy, to write of his special love for me, just like others write of their special love he has for them. We all have been graced with many precious moments to live by.

I love God more than I thought possible, yet each moment and each time my heart is touched by his, I am drawn deeper into him. Is it possible to be so lost in love. My soul rejoices, my lips proclaim his love. I have found my heart in him who loves all the world. God is love and there is no doubt what so ever about that. This love belongs to all the people of the world and I hope God will give it to them too.

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