December 02, 2006


I have a confession to make, I have been listening to Johnny Mathis ever since I heard a song in my sleep a while back. I have two of his Christmas CD's that I play when I decorate my tree, but since the dream I have been playing it on and off. Unusual but I think this time God sent it to gear me up for the season. Last year I think I decorated at the very last minute. I had a difficult time even though the experiences with God were there, other things in my life had been a trial at best.

At least this time as I look at what has been popping in and what significance it could be, I have to think it is God's way of cheering me on. It's nice to know that God does care enough to make us smile even when our trials are tough. Yet, I do not feel as if the trials I am going through are that bad, but they are.

New jobs can be tough, but this one I am taking in stride. I think I am learning to not be so fast a worker, but one who relies on quality rather than speed. My old boss said that is what made me so good in their eyes, it was because I was fast and accurate. But I am finding there are times when jobs do qualify for that mode in a person, but not the one I am doing now, that one requires quality not speed.

I like the job, the people I work with and the environment. It makes a difference in how we perform our jobs. Friday, I found out a woman works there that I happen to know her father. He went to school with my brother and his mother lives on the next street, small world sometimes.

This year I am looking forward to Christmas, it is a joy to welcome our Lord at his birth. Every year I have looked forward to it, but last year as I said was tough, yet on Christmas I heard my name so loudly called, but none had called my name. There are so many things that I remember that have happened in the past years to make me think that something special is going to happen in my life. How at one time a spiritual 2 x 4 nearly knocked me over, to walking through His Spirit and hearing the most beautiful voice ever. So many things and so many not even spoken of. Where will it all lead and why and for what purpose, since the faith in my heart is so solid and strong.

I'm still wondering how and why I heard those lyrics and music for two days. I suppose like everything else he will reveal the purpose behind it in his time, not mine. I will just place all my trust in God and his love, and continue to thank him for all that he does and continues to do in my life, including the trials that I need to endure.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Anonymous said...

Things like that happen to me all the time, I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with a tune in my head. Music is soothing to the soul and sometimes God chooses to speak to us through it. Stay tuned in MC!

Marie Cecile said...

Oh me too FMN, it's usually in the middle of the night I hear the music, but this time it was during the day while I was working. I think God speaks to us beautifully through music. And I'm glad he has done the same with you. Because I think he has plans for you too.

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