December 03, 2006

Greatest Love of All

Early this morning I played the song that has delighted the heart to understand God's divine love, but while listening it didn't mean too much. The rest of the CD is delightful. I think that is why God moves us so powerfully when he speaks to our hearts. It can't be done on our own. Here I would have thought that once I knew the song and listened it would have the same effect and yet it didn't.

Then I remembered a few days ago about writing "speak Lord, for your servant is listening," and speak he did and listen I did. For me this is a discovery that has been a long and arduous one. This has been the hardest part for me, was learning to discern God's will and not some other thing. God comes through with joy, and anything else is not. I think now I understand when the glow I felt and the conversation that took place when I woke some time ago, how the truth of it has affected me now. I felt such love in the center of my heart, I actually felt it, and the awe of God's presence there. I will never forget it, nor do I ever want to. That was a moment that we would all love to keep alive and strong, but to feel always. No words can ever describe the feeling, it becomes lost in translation. I remember I wrote about it, and I believe I told Sister about it too. At the time, I was told it was not my time yet, in that regard it was not my time to die. That was the remnant of the conversation that I last recall.

I would like to describe the glow that was physically felt at the time and the best is only a beautiful glow of such blissful love. God's love is beautiful beyond compare, no words will ever do it justice. It is my hope that every person may at one time feel the divine love of God, for once it is felt they will never leave him ever again.

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