December 23, 2006


We had the company Christmas dinner yesterday. It was so nice to be among people that get along with each other. The people that own the company are the friendliest people that I have ever met. That alone made my day, because all too often owners of companies tend to look down their noses on those under them. They don't interact with those who make less, but place themselves with those who are of their ilk. This couple didn't do that, they were with us all the way.

If anyone ever says God doesn't deliver, they are wrong, because he does. I asked God that if I am to work, could he find me employers that are nice and not abusers of their help. You know something, he did too. Because I've never felt so comfortable at the start of a job.

The other is also what they call deja-vu where we seem to feel as if we have done this before. But to explain this, where people err on it, is glimpses of the path we are on. We are given this to let us know we are on right path. Recently I have had this same thing when I was on my way home from LaSalette in New Hampshire, I've had this sense I've done exactly the same as I did that night.

And at work when I broke a fiber while cleaning it. It is in those moments that God gives us the knowledge of our path, and it is what people refer to as deja-vu, but it is not. For some reason with somethings coming to pass in my life and this same thought had come to mind, I began to understand that God makes it known to us when we are doing something right, just like he makes it known to us too when we are in the wrong. We need to discern these moments and ask, yes Lord, am I on the right path you have chosen for me or what do I need to do that will correct an error to put me back on the path to you. For me this makes sense, because I see everything with faith and with God's hand in everything. Nothing happens in my life without his will in it. He helps us to understand when we let his will be our will.

His love for us is tremendous, and so very many do not realize how beautiful his love is. How he gently guides us on our journey to everlasting love. I hope that many will let themselves be amazed by God, and next time they look upon the Blessed Sacrament they will see with eyes of faith Jesus in all his Glory.

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