December 30, 2006

A call to come

Yesterday, I felt drawn to go to La Salette, yet I did not. Today I had the same, it would not go away. So I put it in God's hands to do his will. So after it began to snow, I left. There was a purpose to go, but not as yet do I know.

I know that Mass was wonderful and blessedly long, that was a treat because it didn't seem long at all, it was perfect.

After Mass, there was a moment when I had the strangest thought. Please don't cry. And yet for some reason I don't know why but I did cry. I just felt like crying. But it was the plea that came to me. I didn't understand it, until I was on my way home. That moment passed and I wanted to shower people with love some time later.

As I left, the look I saw was beautiful and full of love in the people there. Prayers have a way of touching one's heart and I said quite a few. When I finally left the Church, I would say it was pretty full of love and much more. I think more than anything I wanted to give all the love in my heart to all who were there, so they will be filled with God's love. But I also know that it will only be possible with God sending it to their hearts.

Just one thing hampered me, some time ago my toe had cramped up and since then when I walk my foot hurts. It seems I have a knot under that toe. I rubbed it and wow did it hurt. Like anything somethings take time to work themselves out. But walking wasn't very good tonight without pain. My little bit of suffering is far less than what Jesus suffered. And doctors visits are on hold until I have insurance. Hopefully soon.

I found out about an old Pastor who used to be at my Parish was rushed to the Hospital. He's had his own Parish for a long time now. Could you please keep Father Levesque in your prayers too. He loves God so very much.

4 Words of Wisdom:

forget me not said...

I think it's awful a person has to put his or her health needs on hold because of a lack of insurance. This has happened to my brother often, so I am speaking from indirect experience involving a loved one. I think America's non existent health policy should be overturned, and I believe my fellow Americans are the ones who should be DEMANDING it. The sad thing is that Italy will probably start dismantling its health system soon in favor of making insurance companies even richer. It's a real SIN!! Sorry MC, I'll get off my soap box now...----(((sheepish look)))

Marie Cecile said...

It's okay FMN, you can vent all you want, I am happy to listen. Your right it is hard, and it's tough when health issues suffer because of lack of insurance. I've gone without for close to three years now and that's with diabetes. As long as I have refills on the medicine and the money to pay for that then that's what matters at the moment and that is what the job is for to help me pay for the medicine and long overdue stuff. It's tough when anything serious happens or something that may be prevented. When I saw my toe twist it was the weirdest thing to see, but the after effects hurt.

I'm sorry your brother had to go through some tough times himself with the lack of insurance. Maybe Canada has the right of it in how they have heathcare. Who knows.

And unfortunately there is probably is more cures to diseases than we know of, but money talks and it would put many out of jobs then.

You know something, someday money will be gone and we will all have to help each other.

And I ask forgiveness for my little soap box story on my wretchedness. There are far more people who suffer far worse.

forget me not said...

Italy's health system is still good. Women are guaranteed 80% of their pay for 6 months after the birth of their child, then it goes down to 40% for up to a year until they go back to work more. If they decide to take a longer leave of absence, their job is guaranteed for up to three years after the baby is born. Hospitalization is free and life saving medicine is free. Other types of medicines have a small percentage to pay. But then again, if you need a specialist visit, you have to wait months, whereas if you pay, you get an appointment for the next day.
I'm sorry you have problems with diabetes. I worked in a research center for 12 years and collaborated in large population studies on diabetes as a proof editor. There are a lot of complications to this illness, so please do take care of yourself!
BTW...happy new year!

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you for the information FMN, I try to take care of myself as well as God lets me. Diabetes is a yucky disease, one I pray God will rid us of.

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