December 09, 2006

A Blessing

Interesting, I moved the other blog yesterday morning, now it's moving again, when it is supposed to be this one. Oh well. Well we have an interesting household, since this is a temporary home for me. My mom reminded me this morning how last week I had mentioned maybe getting a dog for Christmas, and we all seemed to say no on it. I remembered how my old dog seemed to have chosen us, he was a stray dog. Well my mom never mentioned this conversation to anyone, so when she was asked if she wanted a dog, it came out of the blue, or should I say by divine providence to be part of our family. God knows us better than we do, and he gave us a precious gift of love. This little puppy has plenty of it, and fleas too. Which a nice bath did him some good. Poor thing was itchy.

Anyway, I am thankful for God's love and the gifts he sends us. It's amazing how the love he gives us in unique ways. Like the love from a puppy, or a birds laughter. On that one, Ollie does laugh, funny as heck too. So you see creatures are sent to give us love from the Father as well as people are sent to us to love also. If I am smiling it's because I now understand something truly wonderful, something I've known for a long time, but refused to see my worth in God's love. And I see his love everywhere in everything and everyone. Now that is a blessing!

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