December 12, 2006

All Good

Why does it always take one person to ruin an atmosphere of good. I am discovering there is always one that will do anything to have it their way or no way at all. It's too funny when I think about it, because those are the one's that have a deep need to be in control of every stiuation. So today I prayed for that person and for myself to have patience when they don't.

I gave a coat to one of the workers, who also had undergone hard times. My sister had given me two coats, and out of these I gave one away. One coat is enough for me for daily wear.

Did get to talk about faith today and the Mass. It's amazing how many Catholics stop going to Mass because they find it boring. I did at one time too. But then when God's manifests himself in little extacies during Mass, and love is within our hearts for him, then Mass is not boring but a beautiful act of grace. I did get to explain that today. Mass is not boring when we are united to God's heart. That's the beauty of Mass.

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