November 02, 2006

Wonderful Rosary

Ever feel as if the soul takes flight when we hear certain things. I feel as if mine does when I listen to a CD of the Holy Rosary done by Dana and Fr. Scallon. This one like no other touches my heart and soul.

When I first heard it a few years ago it had the same effect as it does today, it sends my soul soaring to the heavens. How is it possible prayers can touch us this way. Yet when I do the Rosary alone it is not the same as when I listen to it and pray along with it.

Today when I was out, I saw the man I once was with. He had a young man with him, not his son though, because I have seen his son. But the strangest thing I recognized the young man as one from a dream. Peculiar as it is, then this young one must belong to a new woman in his life. But it was still strange all the same. I'm just glad that it is now past and the hurt is no longer there and forgiveness is there instead.

There is truly something about love after all, when we treat each other with respect and love, how God gives to us without us realizing it. I remember asking for many things and receiving them, but found how was it possible. Today I understand it had to do with how we love one another. It's when we love from our heart and give without thought to ourselves. When I was in that relationship a king he was treated as, and I gave selflessly. Even though the relationship was wrong I had something far greater in the end, the gift to love without thought to myself.

Isn't this what we are all called to do, love our neighbor as ourselves. Even those who hurt us and despise us. I think for me love has been a central point in my life. I give until there is none left in me to give and even then I keep on giving. Did seeing a piece of my past bother me today, a little. What bothered me was the young man I recognized without ever meeting before.

God does have a way of shaking us up at times. For me, it was a day of reflection, that put me on a firmer path with God. And from there I go with his blessing.

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