November 25, 2006


With my job starting on Monday, life is going to be a bit different. So yesterday my parents enjoyed going to LaSalette to see the lights while it was warm. They decided they wanted to do this, rather than go later on in the season when it would be too cold for them. And yes, I was their designated driver. It was a nice evening.

Something seemed missing for me when I was there. It wasn't a spiritual visit for me. It's okay though, I can't expect any visit to a house of the Lord to be one filled with spiritual renewal. I think it's more in the line of having grown comfortable in faith and knowledge of God.

When things began to happen a few years ago, the joy that was so very much a part of me everywhere I went was something quite awesome. I do still experience this wonderful joy, but I have noticed that it seems refined and not as, and here is the hard part, to define it from the beginning when it was fresh and new and bright.

Communion is always an experience that is truly a joy, I feel as if there is this perpetual smile lit from within. And I saw a person with such a smile on their face too after receiving our Lord at the end of Mass when we were going out. You know they were touched deeply when they glow as if from within, it's just beautiful to see.

The lights are extremly beautiful this year. I have seen in the past three years so much work in the upkeep of the Shrine. And it truly is a beautiful place, I mean people come from all over to go there. Well I have to restate something, I did have a wonderful spiritual experience, but it was at Mass, the most important part. And one can't help but smile when you hear the concerts they give for those wishing to take a moment to enjoy them.

Just before we left my Dad needed to use the facilities, so while waiting for him, I was looking at the new design for the welcome center they are going to build. It is very nice, it will complement the Church. But I saw the man who sang the concert, my mother went up to him and shook his hand. I don't know, but sometimes I get the feeling I should not go near. So I stay away. Which is odd since I get so much from his music, but I will always leave things up to God.

It was a nice drive home. Once home I went to Ollie the parrot and opened his cage, when he came out he dove onto my shoulder. I never seen a bird so happy to see us. Well if a dog or cat can be excited when we come home why not the birds. Morse did his chirpping too. I have this ritual I do with him, I go to his cage and stick my nose up against it and he give the tip little kisses, while I talk to him. He's so cute when he chatters up a storm.

The fish symbol has been showing up again outside the window in the morning when it's sunny. Which is odd, since it hasn't done that in quite awhile, even on sunny days. It just disappeared, it's nice to see it back again. This has been happening for the past three years. It doesn't do the one I saw a few years ago in the early morning hours of the night justice. That one was solid looking and perfect in shape and it was so beautiful. I keep kicking myself for not having the wits about me to go and get my camera to take a picture. But the memory is one that will not fade, it was just a wonder to see. Now that brings a delightful smile everytime I think about it.

I thank God for everything he continues to do in all our lives to bring us all closer to him. I love him so very much. As I knew the words I love you yesterday, and the yes that escaped my lips. I will forever acknowledge my undying love and proclaim yes Lord, for your servant is listening.

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