November 17, 2006

Teach me more

Well I learned something about my resume, it is done wrong. And to think the teacher at school had said it was good. By the way this is the first resume I really learned how to do. I did one but it was three pages long, no wonder I had no offers. Now I understand even more, since it was pointed out to me from a job source. I'm glad they pointed it out.

There is something that has been bothering me and I have been praying on it for some time. I went to school to learn a career, but something about it doesn't seem right. It hasn't for quite some time. Even when I was in school. So I have been praying for guidance that I was doing his will and not my own in choosing the course. School I know was right, that showed me something about myself I needed to understand.

Is this normal then, when starting out a new career and a new way of life? For the first time in my life, in the past few years I have had so much that has transformed my life. I have always had faith, but to get a call from our Lord is one I never anticipated. Then to have a job that I prayed would be protected, is gone and from there a downward spiral in the what we perceive as a way of living.

But out of it was a greater understanding of myself, of God. I have found that I do have strength, perserverance. If I was a quitter then I would have stopped writing long ago. I would have given up living and loving.

There is something about loosing your life that is truth. I have lost all that is of this life, to gain a life that is more fulfilling than what this world offered. It is to have a deep and wonderful relationship with God. This is what I believe dying of self means. I don't seek what this world has, but what God can only give. He is life everlasting. This is what Jesus teaches. And from this I am glad he has touched my heart so very much. I am thankful that I listen to him. I love you!

2 Words of Wisdom:

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

See these recent events as the Will of God. Nothing happens without His permission. Even a tiny sparrow will not fall to the ground without His allowing it.
Abandon yourself more and more to Divine Providence.

How do we know God's Will with certainty? Through prayer and spiritual direction.

Often what we think is best for us at the time in reality is not. God alone knows the whole of it.

St. Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort once spent an entire year (and entire year!) building a Calvary scene. After completing this magnificent testament to God, his Bishop ordered him to tear it down.

This is known as the Pontchateau Affair. Just as you studied for an entire year only to find this was not God's Will, so too Montfort was ordered to remove what he had so arduously built for an entire year.

What did Montfort do? He immediately dismantled the Calvary scene. He was obedient to God who revealed His Holy Will through his superior in the Church (the Bishop). Years later that same Calvary was rebuilt and stands to this day as a shining testimony to Montfort's obedience and love of God in all things.

St. Pio was ordered to abstain from offering Holy Mass for the public for some ten years. Imagine the cross this represented for him. What did he do? He obeyed. Today the Church recognizes him as a saint. Raised to the altars of Holy Mother Church.

Dear Marie-Cecile, can't you see it? Our Lord wishes to refine you. He is testing you dearest sister. How will you respond?

I know you will follow His Holy Will. A still small voice calls to you as it did to Samuel. Speak Lord, he said, "Your servant is listening."

Marie Cecile said...

More than anything I have been realizing his Will in everything. A few days ago I was thinking the same thing you wrote of Abandoning myself even more than I have been.

I had spoken to my family about an upcoming job offer, I don't feel comfortable with. Not out of fear, but out of it not feeling right. When it happens like that I have found trusting this is God's will. The direction I am to go is not yet known.

Religious life is one I have said yes to. But it coming about is up to Divine Providence.

I know I have to work to take care of matters, but in recent happenings that are touching my heart, it is finding what is asked of me.

At times I have wondered, am I to go out and speak about what he has done and continues to do so.

And out of it all, I have let him be my guide in all things. He speaks to my heart, he touches me in many ways that are beyond comprehension.

What a test he is putting me through too. How will I respond, with a resounding, Yes! Just as our Holy Mother said yes, I can do no less.

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