November 14, 2006

Something Special

I had another job interview today. Except this one is a temporary position. I'm not going to cry because life is throwing a few loops. But there is something even more wonderful out of it all. When I paid a visit at Chapel, what a blessing to receive a special thought while praying the Rosary. It was one of how he would die for me. It was a brief recall of the time I heard this. And I tell you it did something no one could ever do. It brought home to me what he is doing. No matter what is going on in my life, he is with me as much as he is with everyone.

I know he is touching me in a special way, I will not ignore it, nor deny it. Right now I am reveling in it. All the years of my life I would never have dreamed I would see God personally, or have him touch my life as deeply as he is. I often wondered why would he even care, but he does in a big way.

I know that he has done something with others who are open to his love and showed them himself in ways many would love to see. There are special souls out there who have lived a life close to God. They believe without doubt, while some of us struggle from the depths of our beings, believing in him but somehow need that extra touch.

It's these special moments when we give ourselves into his hands that he gives us something special to encourage us on our way. I never thought I was special, yet he has shown me that I am in his eyes. And that is what matters the most isn't it.

When I have written of blinders, it had to do with so many things in my life that I held bound. Not a good thing. My love for God never diminishes, it grows ever stronger. It is just hard to realize that out of a population of a world, I was given something wonderful to behold. It boggles the mind. And he has such a beautiful love to give, it's tremendous. If only people would understand and know the depths he does go to, to give us this love. But we humans continue to hurt him daily, myself included when I doubt myself, then I doubt him.

I am thankful for the fact that I can tell people of his love, and how he has touched my soul as deeply as he has. But I am thankful there is a God to whom all is from, it would be a sad world without him that's for sure.

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